Custom Music Production Services for Artists



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This service is for up to 5 full minutes of music production based on your needs. This includes basic mixing and mastering and basic vocal editing services for free! My services include 2 do-overs. If you are not happy with the way the song is turning out, I will start from scratch up to 2 times. After that if you are still unhappy, 50% of your initial payment will be refunded. Though I am proud to say this has never been required before!

Upon receipt of payment you will be directed to a web-form where you can submit audio demos and youtube videos to showcase what type of sound you are going for. If you provide your number I will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

If your project will NOT be used commercially and no profit will be made directly or indirectly from the project, then my rates for a Master License buyout can be negotiated.

If you are looking for a Master License buyout on a commercial project that will earn revenue, the rate will be notably higher for a buyout if I am not included as a co-writer, however I do offer this service. All I require in the event of a Master License buyout on a commercial track is production credits on all of my work so I may use it as references on my website.


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