Theatrical / Orchestrated

A selection of orchestrated pieces written for cinema and film ranging from action-trailers to horror themes. The pieces arranged here showcase Jordan Winslow’s diverse production background from electronic soundscapes to themes entirely written with traditional instrumentation.

Electronic Remixes

Assorted Electronic remixes and reworks of various artists and genres.

These tracks were designed from the ground, up, sampling only the vocals from the original track. All other elements were created from scratch, occasionally including a few samples of the original content for flavor.

Pop & Electronic Dance

A selection of tracks that exemplify Jordan Winslow’s diversity of Pop & Electronic Dance production techniques, tip-toeing on multiple genres and stretching them to their limits while maintaining the mainstream appeal.

Bass Monsters

Jordan Winslow’s very first album, released in 2011 under the Artist Name: Pandora Tranquil. In the Electronic Dance Music Genre. Grimy, Hard-Hitting and Quirky, this album was an experimentation and learning experience for Jordan. Although a bit dated, these catchy sounds are the early creations of Another Hero Productions before it was ever called Another Hero Productions.

Universal Archetype

Pop-Rock / Electronic Demos from the first official album to be released under the title “Another Hero” as a collaboration of three talented individuals: Jordan Winslow – Electronic Producer, Stephen Pressley: Vocalist / Co-Producer, Walter Van Nordin: Guitarist / Co-Producer