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About Jordan Winslow


I’ve had a lifelong fascination with taking things apart and putting them back together. This fascination turned into a passion when I discovered in 2004 that it was possible to compose entire symphonies, catchy dance tracks, and modern top-40 pop music all from an office chair thanks to the power of electronic music production and the evolution of technology which is consistently making it easier for individuals with no physical equipment or high-tech studio space to sit down and have the power to create something which sounds as if it were recorded live in a million-dollar studio at Warner Brothers or Sony Records.

Using that power, I perfected an approach to music production where I create everything from scratch and build an original pallet of drums, instruments and FX before any melodies are even written. Where other companies use loops, presets and tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and software to give them the cutting edge over the competition, I use my extensive knowledge of sound design and my intuition to create drum sequences piece by piece from the kick to the cymbals to unique sounds no one has ever heard before, I use a modest pallet of industry-standard synthesizers and software to design my own sounds from the ground up rather than paying for professionally made presets, and then I mix and master each track by ear. Start to finish, I am fully in control of the process, and I didn’t learn these techniques in a college course, I learned them through direct experience and a passion for making each song better than the last.

After years of making due with limited funds and having only my brute-force trial and error approach to learning and sound design to give me the advantage over my competition, I learned something very important about the music industry: that even the most premium paintbrush in the world, made from the most exotic and rare materials does not make someone a better artist. The same applies to the equipment required for music production. You can pay more to go with a studio that owns more expensive equipment, or has a larger team, but they will never deliver on the passion and emotion I will!

Amidst the hundreds of production studios to choose from in the Los Angeles area alone, I am confident to say I have a different kind of production studio. If you are looking to create something truly original and unique, without sacrificing mainstream appeal……well, then we are speaking the same language!

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